FADZTER Engineering is the branch of FADZTER Media that deals with Engineering Software Development & Consultancy.

Civil engineers design and construct major structures and facilities that are essential in our every day lives. The introduction of software usage in the civil and structural engineering industry has greatly reduced the complexities of different aspects in the analysis and design of projects, as well as reducing the amount of time necessary to complete the designs.
This section offers a full Structural Engineering Program for the Analysis & Design of Reinforced Concrete Beams, developed by Fady Rostom using Macromedia Flash MX. The Module developed analyses forces and stesses in Reinforced Concrete Beams and provides Section & Steel Sizing Designs (basically converting a typical week of calculations to a click of a button)
Unlike most Engineering Software Applications out there, which require loads of user manuals and force the users to input syntax commands to be able to achieve results, this application makes use of the ability of Flash & Actionscript to develop user friendly applications with no compromise to effectiveness & accuracy.

This particular application took one year (several sleepless nights included) to develop.
Fady Rostom is a Multimedia Consultant and holds a B.Sc Degree in Civil Engineering.

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